Sizes necessary for full-body suits


Measure in cm or inches, whichever you find convenient for you.




Circumference of:

Neck --  measure around the neck as the dashed line shows.

Chest -- with arms relaxed down at sides, measure around fullest part.

Biceps -- measure around the muscle in the upper arm .

Waist -- measure around waist, at the height you normally wear your slacks.

Hips -- measure around fullest part.

Thigh -- measure around the leg at the middle between the knee and hips.

Calf -- measure around the fleshy part of the leg bellow the knee.

Total height -- measure from crown of head to floor.

Waist-to-floor length

Crotch-to-floor length

Foot length

Torso length (not shown on the picture) -- start measuring from the highest point on the shoulder, go down along the chest and stomach, pass along the crotch, continue up along the back to the same point on the shoulder where you have started .

Back width -- measure from shoulder to shoulder.

Back length -- measure from the first small bone (vertebra) on the neck to the waist.

Arm length -- bend arm to 90 deg., place hand on hip.  Measure from the highest point on the shoulder along the arm  passing through the elbow bone down to the wrist.