Balaclava, Ski mask, Style 2


Balaclava, Ski mask
Photo courtesy: PA


  • Covered face, two eye openings;

  • Pattern: plain black (#OD-B-SM2-R1);

  • Folds into a roll-neck (there are 3 layers on the neck);

  • Flares on the shoulders;

  • 100 % wool (soft);

Price: 45.00 USD;
Shipping: 8.00 USD (9.00 USD overseas).

The idea for this ski mask with two eye holes and a triple rollneck belongs to our client JL  Since created, this ski mask became quite popular and is often ordered now.  

Thank you, JL!

NOTE:  This ski mask can be knitted without the roll-neck, only with a single layer on the neck.  The price, thus, is lower, as for a standard ski mask, starting from $36.00 and going up for different materials ().  

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          Updated: 20 March, 2010

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