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     Balaclava (a woolen hood almost  completely covering the head and neck) could complement or replace the hat in a full set.  They are great for outdoor winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.  The hats are also perfect for yard work or putting flags up on your flagpoles in the chilly weather.

     The balaclava could be free from or permanently attached to the sweater.  When ordering, please specify your preferences.

     Individual balaclavas, aside from a full set, are also offered. 

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We offer balaclavas in two shape styles

  • open face and 

  • ski mask;

  • sleeping balaclava. 

See examples at right.
Open face  Ski mask
Style 1
Style 1
Style 2
Style 2
Style 3

When you order a balaclava only, you may combine it with matching mittens.  See our mittens styles in the samples at right.  

Please, specify your wishes about matching mittens when ordering. 

Matching mittens
Medium cuffs 
Long cuffs

We offer balaclavas with different pattern designs.

Usually, the patterns match those of the designs listed in our catalog

We also can knit a balaclava following your own design in both shape and patterns. 

To knit a balaclava following your own design, please, give us a hint by sending an e-mail with any of the following:

  • a detailed description;

  • a picture as an attached file;

  • a link to a photo on the web.

Open face
Balaclava, Open face Balaclava, Open face Balaclava, Open face Balaclava, Open face Balaclava, Open face    
Ski mask/sleeping
Balaclava, Ski mask Balaclava, Ski mask, triple rollneck Balaclava, Ski mask, "Desdemona" Balaclava, Ski mask, "Othello" Sleeping balaclava    

The material invokes difference in the price--see the
The shipping of a balaclava only is 8.00 USD (Europe) or 9.00 USD (overseas)

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