Imagine yourself in tightly fit, warm and comfy knitted garment from head to toes!

Want to feel like you live in a warmer climate like Texas in some nice Houston apartments. This catsuit will bring the warmth so you don't have to make the move.

Photo courtesy: PA


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  • Open-face balaclava;

  • Medium-cuff mittens;

  • Attached socks;

  • Upper and lower parts zipped or buttoned separately. 

The suggestion for knitting a catsuit and the color pattern shown in the photograph belong to our most faithful client.  

Thank you, JM!

More samples Place order, pay later

  • You can choose another color, and request different pattern.  The pattern could be either one of those used in our models or your own.
  • We prefer to customize the size, rather than knit standards, which may not fit you well. When ordering, please provide us with your measures.
  • Implementation time: 6 weeks from the moment we have the measures.
  • Shipping: Europe and Russia:                      US $40-45
                  Overseas (e.g., USA, Canada):    US $45-50


Catsuit red

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Updated: 20 January, 2013

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