Catsuit: double-layered, all-attached


Warm and snugly, this catsuit is the shell in which you can cuddle during the coldest winter days.

Double layered catsuit
Photo courtesy: PA


  • Two layers, i.e., two catsuits in one another;

  • Different or same materials for the outer and the inner layers;  the sample shown has both layers from natural 100% wool;

  • Different or same colors for the outer and inner layers; the sample shown has white and brown layers;

  • Three zippers: one in front, two in the back, from the waist up to the neck and from the neck up along the balaclava;

  • Balaclava attached, fully covering the face, zipper for eye opening;

  • Mittens attached;

  • Socks attached;

  • We offer a variety of materials to make our products affordable within your personal budget.

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  • You can choose another colors for the outer and inner layers.  
  • You can request a colorful pattern for the outer layer.  The pattern could be either one of those used in our models or your own.
  • You can choose any combination of materials for the outer and inner layers.
  • The prices depend on the material.  The prices below are for both layers made out of the same material.  
  • We prefer to customize the size, rather than knit standards, which may not fit you well. When ordering, please provide us with your measures.
  • Implementation time: 10 weeks from the moment we have the measures.
  • Shipping: Europe and Russia:                        US $50
                   Overseas (e.g., USA, Australia):    US $55

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          Updated: 1 January, 2011

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