Blouse "Hug-me mesh"


Wrap-style blouse with airy, mesh look achieved with moss (aka seed) stitch. 
Sexy V-neck and hype flaring sleeves. 

The suitable material for this summer blouse is cotton
The cool, soft feeling of cotton on your skin and the uniqueness of hand-made garment offsets the higher price (knitting thin cotton threads is time-consuming). 

White and blue color pattern is perfect for combining with jeans. 
Yet, you may choose any color you want.  Just order and let us know your preferences!

Cardigan "Northern deer"

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Prices USD

Material/Size 38-42
Cotton 100% 280.00 290.00

Shipping:  $45-50 over seas, $30-35 Europe. (depends on the weight)

Washed before delivery to fix the size.

Care:  Should not shrink with proper care:

  • Wash in lukewarm water, about 30 deg.  Celsius (86 F).  

  • Dry flat, away from direct sunlight.

Cardigan "Northern deer"


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          Updated: 6 March, 2011

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