Thickly knitted and loosely fit to accommodate clothes beneath, 
this garment is ideal for the coldest days!
Choose this costume to prepare for winter tourism, hunting or fishing.  

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Common features and options:
  • Loosely fit, so that you can wear other clothes underneath; replaces the typical tight fit of a catsuit with more "baggy" chest, arms, and legs;

  • Ribbed stitch throughout and 'honey cells' stitch on the top of the chest and back.  These stitches make the garment not only thick (6 to 10 mm) and warm, but also compact and firm against wind;

  • Zipper or buttons in front or on the back of the garment; tightening strings at the waist;

  • Attached or separate socks;

  • Matching hat or balaclava.  The balaclava can be attached or separated in three styles -- open face, ski mask, or sleeping;

  • Matching mittens with standard, medium or long cuffs; 

  • Matching scarf.  

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Implementation time: 6 to 8 weeks

   To order, follow these steps:
  • Choose material.  We recommend natural 100% wool.  Prices depend on the material.  

  • Choose color.  We recommend the natural colors of natural 100% wool -- white, gray, beige, and brown.

  • If you wish figurative or color pattern, either choose one of our models or describe your own pattern;

  • Take measures;

  • Send us an order form or e-mail now.


Thermosuit 2

Thermosuit 2            

Material/Color:  Natural 100% wool / Natural gray color.  

Featuring rollneck (polo) ski mask, long-cuffed mittens, separate socks, and buttons made of coconut.  

Enlarged view of: , , , ,

Thermosuit 1

Thermosuit 1 

Material/Color:  Natural 100% wool / Natural beige color.

Featuring high collar, folded cuffs, rollneck (polo) ski mask, long-cuffed mittens, attached socks, and front zipper.

Enlarged view of:  , , ,

Shipping:  $45-50 over seas, $40-45 Europe. (depends on the weight)

The price estimates below consider balaclava with open face (no roll (polo) neck), and mittens with standard cuffs.   These prices vary with the type of balaclava (ski mask, roll (polo) neck), and cuff length of the mittens.

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