Icelandic sweater "Dark horses" (Model #15)


Take a look at our new model of Icelandic style sweater!  
It features wild dark horses that make you feel adventurous!  
And roomy long design that make you feel comfortable and at ease whatever you do!
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Tan color scheme for Dark horses

Icelandic "Dark horses"

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   Washed to fix the size.  
    Should not shrink with proper care:

  • Wash in lukewarm water, about 30 deg.  Celsius (86 F).  

  • Dry flat, away from direct sunlight.

Material:  Your choice:

  • Natural 100% wool: USD 145.00

  • Mélange (wool/acrylic):  USD 165.00

  • Mohair 40/60:  USD 165.00

  • Mohair 70/30: USD 200.00

  • Merino:  USD  200.00

Color: Various color schemes!  
            See our samples below

Match: with accessories:

hat or balaclava;

Size:  S, M, L, XL 

Price:  Varies with material as listed.
            Add USD 10.00 for L and XL sizes.
            Ask for prices of accessories.

Shipping:  $29-38 over seas, $20-25 Europe. (depends on the weight)

The model for galloping dark horses is kindly provided by R..

Thank you, R!


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          Updated: 20 March, 2010

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