Hunter's set (Model #6)


Our set will come in handy for a hunting adventure during winter or in cold regions!

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Hunter's set
Photo courtesy: PA


Ski-mask style balaclava, attached to the sweater, as advised by some Hunters' guides for equipment;
Long-cuff mittens.  The right hand mitten has slits for the thumb and trigger fingers;
Long legwarmers (3 inches, or 8 cm, above the knees);
Size SET (all pieces) prices according to material choice (US $)
Natural wool (100%) Mélange (50/50) Mohair (40/60) short-haired  Merino/Cotton (100%)
Merino  ( 70/30)
Mohair (70/30) short/long-haired 
38 - 42 (S, M) 260.00 287.00 293.00 322.00
44 - 54 (L, XL) 270.00 297.00 303.00 332.00
Additional info
Navy blue sample shown. You can choose any color we offer.   
If you wish color pattern, instead of plain color, the pattern could be any of our models or your own.  
Implementation time: 6 to 8 weeks.
Shipping: Europe and Russia:                      US $14.95
               Overseas (e.g., USA, Canada):    US $19.95 


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          Updated: 15 April, 2013

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